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See Their Talent &  Passion

A streaming show dedicated to the showcasing and promotion of women entrepreneurs and their businesses.


Are you a woman entrepreneur that has a great product or service? Are you community-minded?

Let Women Entrepreneurs extol your virtues to our 100 million+ audience.

Imagine a television show that showcases the best that female-led businesses have to offer. In a 4-10 minute segment, your business is expertly featured  showcasing your benefits in the best light possible, Including a personal, one on one interview with you: The Business Owner. 


The WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS show is an online streamed television show that showcases women-owned businesses from around North America and the world. The main purpose of the show is to enlighten, inspire and educate the viewing audience that these women-owned  businesses thrive AND are in their own community. 

Can you name a better way to promote yourself to a wider audience so inexpensively? Are you are ready to take your business to the next level? 

How do I become involved?

Give your business a bump.


What's on the show?

Professional Makeup Artist

A FEATURE SEGMENT that anchors the television show. 8-10 minutes which includes an interview, testimonials, product usage, specialized graphics, industry trivia and quotes.

4-6 INTERVIEW SEGMENTS where entrepreneurs discuss their businesses, what they do, the challenges, the successes and the rewards. Each segment is 3-7 minutes long.


Several 30 second to one-minute mini-segments. Like a commercial, but with extra information and care.

Interviews and Information about how to get assistance and help as a female entrepreneur.


How do I become involved?


It's very easy.


Your business can become involved on several different levels of engagement. From a simple 5 second commercial preroll, to a four to ten minute+ interview that is featured on the television show. 


How much you want to be involved is up to you. 

And of course, The Women Entrepreneurs Show is FREE to select Kickvid customers.

What are the benefits?

  • Proven Television Show

  • 100M+ Viewers

  • Multiple Viewing Platforms

  • Up to a 4-7 minute Feature Segment

  • Your own Commercial takeaway.

  • Perpetual Viewing on multiple platforms

  • Additional advertising with Show promotion.


Currently Women Entrepreneurs can be seen on three of the Top streaming sites. Entire episodes can be watched on Amazon Prime Video and Vimeo on Demand. While smaller segments can be seen on Youtube and online at

Coming soon the Small Business Show will be available on the Roku, Android TV, Xumo and iTunes platforms. 


Coming Soon


Where can I see my segment?

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