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With OPEN FOR BUSINESS!, you have the opportunity to advertise to a wider audience at an incredibly affordable cost. It serves as a powerful platform to elevate your business and propel it to the next level of success. By participating in the show, you can leverage its reach and influence to expand your customer base, increase brand recognition, and drive business growth.


There is no better way to connect with a broader audience and share your story with authenticity and impact. OPEN FOR BUSINESS! offers a unique opportunity to inspire and educate viewers, highlighting the value and innovation of small businesses like yours.


If you're ready to unlock new possibilities for your business and propel it to greater heights, seize this chance to join OPEN FOR BUSINESS!. Let your entrepreneurial journey shine and captivate audiences with your passion, expertise, and the remarkable offerings of your small business.

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Are you a passionate small business owner with an exceptional product or service? Do you have a strong commitment to your community? If so, OPEN FOR BUSINESS! is the perfect platform to showcase your virtues to our extensive audience of over 100 million viewers.

We understand the challenges faced by small businesses and the invaluable contributions they make to their communities. That's why OPEN FOR BUSINESS! is dedicated to shining a spotlight on remarkable small businesses like yours. We want to amplify your message, share your story, and connect you with a vast audience that is eager to discover and support local businesses.

By participating in OPEN FOR BUSINESS!, you have the opportunity to showcase your business to a wider audience in an impactful and engaging way. Whether you offer innovative products, exceptional services, or have a compelling story to tell, our platform is designed to extol your virtues and inspire others with your entrepreneurial journey.

Join us on OPEN FOR BUSINESS! and let us celebrate your accomplishments, highlight your community-mindedness, and connect you with a diverse and enthusiastic audience. Together, we can promote the incredible impact of small businesses and foster a supportive community that uplifts and empowers entrepreneurs like yourself.

Moca Studio Segment Episode 1 Season 1 - Profiles of Business Excellence. 

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What's on the show?

OPEN FOR BUSINESS! offers a comprehensive lineup of engaging segments that celebrate and showcase the achievements of Small Businesses. Here's a breakdown of the different segments you can expect:


1. FEATURE SEGMENT (8-10 minutes): This anchor segment serves as the highlight of the television show. It includes an in-depth interview with a prominent small business owner, testimonials from satisfied customers, product usage demonstrations, specialized graphics, industry trivia, and inspiring quotes. This comprehensive segment provides a deep dive into the featured entrepreneur's journey, highlighting their challenges, successes, and the rewards of their business.


2. INTERVIEW SEGMENTS (4-6 segments, 3-7 minutes each): These segments feature entrepreneurs discussing their businesses in detail. Each segment focuses on a different entrepreneur, allowing them to share their experiences, insights, and achievements. From the challenges they've faced to the rewards they've reaped, these interviews provide valuable perspectives on entrepreneurship. Viewers will gain inspiration and practical knowledge from these engaging conversations.


3. MINI-SEGMENTS (30 seconds to 1 minute): These short but impactful segments are like commercials with an extra layer of information and care. They offer quick highlights of various businesses, emphasizing their unique offerings, key messages, and value propositions. These mini-segments provide viewers with a glimpse into the diversity and talent within the women-led business community.


4. Assistance and Support Information: Throughout the show, interviews and informative segments are dedicated to providing guidance and resources for entrepreneurs seeking assistance and support. These segments offer valuable information on accessing business assistance programs, networking opportunities, mentorship, and other resources tailored to the needs of Small Businesses.


OPEN FOR BUSINESS! is committed to empowering, inspiring, and educating viewers by showcasing the stories and experiences of Small Businesses. Through the feature segment, in-depth interviews, mini-segments, and informative content, the show aims to foster a supportive community and provide valuable insights to help entrepreneurs thrive. Join us to discover new perspectives, gain practical advice, and connect with a network of like-minded individuals on a mission to make a difference.

  • Proven Television Show

  • 4th Season

  • Over 200 Businesses Showcased 

  • 100M+ Viewers

  • Multiple Viewing Platforms

  • Up to a 4-7 minute Feature Segment

  • Your own Commercial takeaway

  • Perpetual Viewing on multiple platforms

  • Additional advertising with Show promotion.

What are the benefits?

Currently The Small Business Show can be seen on three of the Top streaming sites. Entire episodes can be watched on Amazon Prime Video and Vimeo on Demand. While smaller segments can be seen on Youtube and online at

Coming soon the Small Business Show will be available on the Roku, Android TV, Xumo and iTunes platforms. 


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Where will I see my segment?

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