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Break on through to the other side.

This is the Television Musical Showcase with a difference. KickVid Productions is launching a nationwide search to find the most diverse musical talent in Canada today – so whether you are rock and roll, hip hop, rap, country, punk, alternative, folk or whatever – if you think your band is just about to break through to the other side, then we want to meet you and put you on TV. 

Music is a vibrant living thing. Songs either are immortalized or fall off into obscurity. Radio stations have been taking advantage of discovering new talent for decades.

Indie Look 
does the same thing.

It showcases quality talent and shows the world that good music doesn’t always come from the mass-produced, engineered studio machine, it comes from musicians with passion.


The independent music scene is more vibrant than ever. When international stars are discovered on competition shows and social media sites, more and more people are revealing their talent and creating bands that are contributing to the music scene in a new, fresh, exciting way.

Indie look is an exciting, new music television show that showcases dramatic and new up-and-coming singers and bands, any age, from any style of music, in the Canadian music scene. The TV Show’s objective is to promote and advance the creation of original, creative and unique stories, music and bands. 

Each episode is hosted by Joanna Swan, an accomplished actor and musician herself,  who will interview the band, share their experiences, history and talk about their future prospects. The episode will showcase the band’s dynamic, music videos, and at the end, a performance video of the band and their chosen song.

The purpose of the show is to discover and showcase new, raw and brilliant talent, excite the indie music scene, and help catapult the new talent to bigger projects so they can to break on through to the other side.


What to expect

When a band qualifies for the show, they are now part of a three-part filming process.

1) The first part is the performance of the band. This is arranged through Indie Look. The performance will include one entire set

of at least 5 songs but no more than 8. No new material, preferably songs that correspond with previous released CD’s or Music

Videos. - We want to showcase you and your work. There may be instances where we ask you to play a song again. If that is the

case, we will have you play it at the end of the set so there is no loss of momentum.

2) The second part is the interview with the band. This will be done AFTER the performance. The interview questions will be

provided to you beforehand.


3) The third part is the rehearsal process. The band

will go through a normal rehearsal process,

rehearsing the set list. Additional Interviews will be

conducted during the rehearsal by  the host

Joanna Swan in their rehearsal space, and ask

questions pertaining to their music and their

history as a band. As well  as the show’s intro,
and interstitials are filmed at this time.

This is an individual day for the band.


The crew then collects the b-roll of the area and

collects any existing items that will help flush out the band’s story.


To qualify for the show, you need to submit a package for the producers to adjudicate the band. This includes:

  • Completed Questionnaire

  • Each Band Members Consent Form

  • Link to Band's Performance 

  • Group Bio

  • Individual Bios

  • Five Mastered Songs

  • Posed and Performance photos of the Group

  • Processing fee of $250

Submit Your package to:


How do I become involved?

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