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KickVid is an internationally award-winning commercial production house that offers low-cost, broadcast-quality commercials to businesses. With a commercial that ranges anywhere from 5 seconds to a full minute and a half, your business can thrive in areas of promotion in a way that you find difficult. 
By keeping production costs low, you can now afford to place a commercial in areas never thought possible: Pre-Roll, Online, Social Media, and Television. In addition to a quality commercial made by our industry professionals, you are also featured on PROFILES OF BUSINESS EXCELLENCE.


Do you have a unique take on your product or service? Are you community minded? Well, then let Profiles of Business Excellence extol your virtues to a potential audience of 100 million+ viewers.


PROFILES OF BUSINESS EXCELLENCE (POBE) is a streamed television show on AMAZON PRIME and other streaming services that showcases businesses from around North America. Its main purpose is to enlighten the viewing audience that these smaller businesses exist and are in their own community.  



After you make a request, we send you over a creative brief and a checklist. 


You can choose one of our prepackaged deals or you can chose your video ala carte and piece together the individual elements that you choose for your commercial.

Our team of producers will access your creative brief. And we go to work. 

In a matter of days you can enjoy your broadcast quality commercial to help build your brand and bring in customers.

Then your commercial or segment is showcased on an episode of Profiles of Business Excellence to millions of people.

About Anchor

Available only to KickVid customers, 

your commercial, regardless of your level of involvement, will be included as a part of the National Television Show:
Profiles of Business Excellence. 


FIND OUT HOW! - Click Here.

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